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Innovative AI technologies are shown on an episode of “Information Matrix” with host Laurence Fishburne

In an upcoming episode of the “Information Matrix” show, famous actor and philanthropist Laurence Fishburne will host a new segment featuring experts guests to discuss Innovative Artificial Technology. The episode will focus on the contributions of AI, how far it has come and where it is heading.

Increased necessity has fueled the growth of Artificial Intelligence. Some of the leading business firms in the world have invested substantially in the development and use of innovative AI technology. What seemed impossible in the past has been achieved and surpassed, and is permeating a bevy of industries.

The advancements in AI have not only made it the talk of the town but, it the future in businesses and in homes. By 2050, experts believe that AI will be able to perform intellectual tasks which are only completed by humans at the moment. Currently, AI can navigate maps, translate, fly drones, drive, and help with security. As self-taught AI technologies improve, they will continue to affect business processes, quality control, and other sectors.

Seeing the life-changing impact the technology has had, this episode of “Information Matrix” aims to expound on the subject. It will provide a front row seat to viewers detailing the journey that innovative AI has taken. Guests on the show will share insider knowledge on the future of AI and the tasks it will complete. The show will also highlight who the industry leaders are, the most innovative AI technologies currently in use, and what to expect in the years to come.

The upcoming episode of “Information Matrix” is going to be entertaining and educative. The episode will also provide an expert account on leading trends on AI and how it will shape the future of different industries including business and health.

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