Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries, and Their Treatment, are Featured on “Information Matrix” with Laurence Fishburne

An upcoming segment of the show will focus on Sports Injury Treatment.

Laurence Fishburne will be hosting a new segment that outlines the different types of sports injuries, and their treatment options, on the program “Information Matrix.” The program will talk about the common injuries including; hip flexor strain, concussions, sprains, shin splints, groin pull, a strain of the hamstring, shoulder injuries, and knee injuries.

A group of specialists in the field will talk about specific exercises for those with mild sports-related injuries. Exercising reduces the possibilities of re-injury, however, many experts agree that some sports activity immediately after the injury may aggravate it, or may make the problem worse.

The segment will cover some of these issues that are not serious and do not require surgery, such as repetitive motion injuries that are common for runners, volleyball players, and basketball players. But the segment will also look into more extreme injuries, such as damage to the MCL and ACL. ACL tear is a knee injury that may require surgery. The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) joins the knee and leg bone. If a player is hit from the side or suffers a strain or tear, they may get ACL injury. The injury can be serious, and it requires immediate medical attention.

The program is entertaining yet informative. Fishburne uses simple language to appeal to all audiences, and the program is anchored by an award-winning team.


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